Behind the Blog

Welcom to S A M I Y A Fashionblog.

S A M I Y A is a fashionblog, which contains all the recent and current occurrences and all the other things in fashion that excite me. You can come here for your daily dose of editorials, covers, musicvideo's, trailers and all the exciting fashion news! My name is Samiya Cusman and I'm the person behind the blog. I'm a 17 year old girl from The Netherlands. Writing has always been something I've enjoyed doing and having my own blog helps me pursue this hobby. I love the fashion and modelling industry and everything around it and with writing as a hobby, a fashionblog seemed perfect! I'm often asked why I blog in English rather than Dutch, well that's because I don't want that just dutch-speaking people are the only ones able to read my blog, I want that people all over the world are able read my blog and understand the language.
And so on my blog I get to share everything I love with the world!

I hope by reading this you got to know more about the blog and me. Enjoy reading and you can always contact me by Twitter or by Email and don't forget to like the Facebookpage!

I also want to let you know that the images on S A  M I Y A come from a variety of sources like blogs or forums. I do not claim credit for any images featured on this site unless stated otherwise.
All the visual content is copyright to its respectful owners unfortunately I can't always give credit because sometimes it's not clear who the owner of the picture is. If I've posted an image owned by you without credit, please let me know so I can change that.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, comments are always welcome, so don't be shy.
Everyone can comment, with or without a Google account!

Samiya Cusman