March 3, 2014

12 Things You Never Expected You Could buy from Chanel

Chanel is one of the worlds most prominent luxury fashion-houses an like many, also very exclusive. We all know/love (and secretly obsess) about their famous bags, tweed jackets and fragrances, but who knew you could buy the most ordinary things for such an extraordinary price at Chanel? Well, you must be overly obsessed over the famous Double-C Logo or the Upper case letters that read ''CHANEL'' or extremely rich to be such ridiculous priced products, I mean as if you would want to surf on a surfboard worth $7.000..

Take a look below for some items you never knew you could buy from Chanel.
Samiya Cusman

The $7.000 Chanel surfboard, because you like to surf in style

The Chanel Rugby/American Football ball for $ 195 ,but it would look so cool in display.

The Chanel Flask, for the upper-class (drinker)

The Chanel Boat 

The Chanel ankle-purse - ''money on my feet, sneakers in the bank''.. huh? 

The Chanel Rollerblades, for the ones who like chic excess but also enjoy some action.

Rocking the runway, literally. 

The Chanel Dumbbells - workout in style 

The Chanel Ping-Pong set for a classy game of ping-pong?

The Chanel Stick, apparently a French Cane used for the french martial arts; Canne de combat.
Well if you're going to hit me with a stick, it might aswell be a Chanel.

The Chanel tennis-set, for a fashionable match (get it?)

The $12.000 Chanel City bike, be sure to lock this baby up!

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  1. Haha wooowwww dit gaat er zo zwaar over!!!! Ik zou dit echt nooit kopen - behalve misschien die surfplank om als interieurstuk te gebruiken :) Wist je trouwens dat er ook Chanel ski's bestaan? Ik heb eens een vrouw ermee zien skiën maar ze kon er niks van haha :) En die Chanel boot, hoe komen ze er op!!!! De trend is in elk geval verder gezet met hun Chanel supermarkt van de winter14 collectie haha daar zou ik graag eens gaan shoppen :p Superleuk artikel! xx


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