February 16, 2014

Cara Delevingne Designed a Collection for Mulberry!

In November the British fashion company Mulberry announced that they will be not be showcasing a collection at the London Fashion Week, instead a week ago, they announced that they have some exciting news to share at the LFW. The past few days Mulberry and Cara Delevingne were teasing fans with behind-the-scenes images. Everyone was expecting that they would announce a bag made by Cara and when two days ago she actually posted a photo of a tattoo that said ''Made in England'' alongside in blue leather with the caption ''Coming soon...'' on Instagram. Then yesterday a picture of the same tattoo was posted on Mulberry's instagram but this time you could see that the blue leather was from a bag.

And today was the big reveal at 1:30 pm (London time) at Claridge's in London. Not only has designed one bag for Mulberry, but a whole collection consists of 12 bags in the mini, large and medium style.
Cara's tattoos were involved to make the collection even more personal. There is one bag inspired by her lion finger tattoo that has gold lion rivets and inside every bag there is a lion rivet and a heart shaped patch which is based on her pinkie heart tattoo, because she wants each bag to be like opening a letter. Cara said,''I wanted there to be hidden gems inside, based on things that are personal to me, which my tattoos definitely are.'' 

Take a look at the collection below. 
Images via Mulberry.com

Samiya Cusman


  1. Little bit dramatic... But I really like this collection! I like that Cara Delevingne have decided to make those bags personal. Great post, Samiya!


  2. Helemaal Cara! Ik moet wel eerlijk zeggen dat ik er niet wild van wordt (wel van Cara - ik ben fan!!! :p) - ik zou toch eerder investeren in de wat 'klassiekere' modellen van Mulberry :) Mooie foto's trouwens! xx


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