January 2, 2014

New Year´s Resolution: Get Healthy!

Yesterday a new year rose upon us and the New Years resolutions were made. Just like every year most people have listed 3 common things to do or do stop doing for the new year. One important resolution for many people and also for me is to get healthier, you know when you feel healthier you look healthier. And I might lose some weight in the process as well (win!). However these new year resolutions only last for a month or so, I'm planning to hold on to it.

But if you want to do something new you need to get used to it.
Especially if you want to be healthier, your body and muscles need to get used to all those exercises and healthy and nutritious food. After a while it becomes a habit!
I listed the basic things you could do to be healthier and get fitter. Isn't that what we all want?

Water is not only good for your kidneys but also for your skin and hair. It cleans out your body and makes your hair and skin shinier. Whenever your hungry, drink some water. You might think you're hungry but most of the times you're actually thirsty. Water is also fat burning, so another reason to trade sodas in for water! Aim for two to three liters per day. This turns into an (healthy) habit very quickly, you'll start to enjoy drinking water, believe me! And if you eventually get bored of water try putting sliced lemons, cucumbers or strawberries in a jar with water or opt for coconut water, loved by models!

Most people skip breakfast as they're in a hurry for school or work, or because they're trying to loose weight or maybe because they're just not that hungry. But breakfast is the most important meal of day as it gets your metabolism working. Drink a smoothie, eat some oatmeal with fresh (straw)berries or when in a hurry, take a granola bar! If you want to start the day good, start with breakfast.

You obviously have to eat healthy, that doesn't mean you have to stop eating junkfood, sugar etc. It is however better for you to cut these things off. The important thing is to eat in moderation. Instead of eating a whole bag of chips just eat a bit. Replace junkfood with fruit, but if you're trying to lose weight, don't eat lots of fruit since fruit contains lots of sugar. Processed foods usually contain too much sugar, salt and oil. Read here why you should cut processed foods.

Obviously you need to exercise to get fitter. With only eating healthy you're not losing the fat you want to loose. The best way to get fit is by running, swimming, hiking and biking. Exercise in a local gym, run outside, walk the dog, just move, it'll do you well! A great tip for the ones who need motivation, exercise with a friend, it'll motivate you. You don't want to skip a day running with a friend right, besides it also gets you motivated to give your best in your workout. Try Yoga and Pilates to tone your body and get a better flexibility  Aim for three to five days of cardio-training for 20 to 60 minutes, always stretch! Before, during and after a workout. A warming-up and cooling-down is also very important!

Note; I'm not an expert on this area nor have I studied it. If you want help getting started with becoming healthier see a doctor, nutritionist or a person trainer to help you out!

I really hope these tips help you starting the new year healthy and fresh. And to get you really started and motivated, take a look at motivational images below from my favorite 'fitblrs' Youcan-4nd-youwill, P-rettyfit and Onefitmodel!

Samiya Cusman


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  1. I love photos you included in this post. And I agree with almost every sentence you've been writed here. :)


  2. Goeie tips! Water drinken is zooo belangrijk (en je krijgt er ook minder honger van haha). Ik wil ook heel graag gezonder worden, mijn grootste probleem is snoepen (ik ben echt een verschrikkelijke snoeper - denk: lepel in de nutella pot hahahah) dus daar wil ik echt vanaf dit jaar!!! Als je nog leuke work-outs zoekt om thuis te doen: ik ben fan van blogilates-filmpjes en insanity (moet je maar eens googelen als je eens flink wilt zweten haha :p) xx

  3. What a great post!!! I am still going strong when it comes to the gym and working out (fingers crossed) now all I need is a way to get around all those leftover cookies from Christmas....


  4. Leuke post en goeie motivatie! Ik moet zelf echt meer water gaan drinken en wil ook meer krachttraining gaan doen dit jaar!


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