November 4, 2013

Nicolas Ghesquière

We've all saw the ending of Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton coming a while ago. And when Jacobs officially resigned hearts of fashionistas worldwide were broken. Soon after rumors were twirling all over the web, especially about Nicolas Ghesquière.
And so the former executive director of Balenciaga, Ghesquière, really became the new artistic director of Louis Vuitton's women collection.

Marc Jacobs has turned Louis Vuitton from the classic luggage and accessory brand to one of the bestselling luxury brands in the 16 years he was in charge.
''Louis Vuitton has always incarnated for me the symbol of ultimate luxury, innovation and exploration.'' said Ghesquière. ''I am very honoured of the mission that I am entrusted with, and proud to join the history of this great maison. We share common values and a vision.''
Nicolas' first collection will be the autumn/winter 2014 collection which will be shown in March.

Samiya Cusman

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