November 4, 2013

H&M Holiday 2013 Campaign

Yesterday the campaign video for H&M's Holiday 2013 got released.
To be honest I, personally, love holiday campaigns, the clothing, the music and all those people together it just gives a warm feeling inside.
And especially when they include hot male model like Sean O'Pry, Erik Andersson and Ryan Burns.

The H&M campaign video starts of Sean O'pry and a little boy brushing their teeth and then Doutzen comes in and takes one of the of the presents.
And so on the video continues with all the models running hectic trough the mansion/villa.
By the way, I need the pants Liu and Cora were wearing and the jacket Christy was wearing!

Take a look above at video!

Samiya Cusman


  1. Who is performing and what is the tittle of the mambo sound track?I would die to know and have it!

    1. I was also looking for that song, finally found the original: Mambo No. 5 by Pérez Prado


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