September 20, 2013

Inside Chanel

Gabriel 'Coco' Chanel has created an imperium, Chanel, it's famed all around the world.
But how did it all began, who was this extraordinary person?
Chanel shows us the history of the luxury house, by releasing chapters of their history portraying a big moment in its success.
N°5, Marilyn and N°5, The Diamond, The Jacket, Coco, Mademoiselle, Gabrielle Chanel, Coco by Karl and CHANEL by Karl are the 9 chapters released at the moment.
The illustrations in the videos are amazing!!
I love it!!

Watch the first chapter above and the other eight here.

Samiya Cusman


Hey guys, I haven't posted a blogpost in a while. 
I've been so bussy with everything -and nothing, dont judge. 
But i've been updating the Facebookpage and my Twitter so follow me to stay posted.
This btw my first post form my iPhone- yay. 
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