July 2, 2013

Nicole Kidman for Jimmy Choo Autumn/Winter 2013

I'm one of those girls who never wears heels. I'd break both ankles, that's how clumsy I am.
But these Jimmy Choo's are marvelous, I am in love!
Those red suede Dane suede lattice peep toe booties are my fave!
The Autumn/Winter '13 collection is a great collection. Nicole Kidman is the face of Jimmy Choo's A/W '13 collection.
Nicole wears a red wig with a bob-line and a bob, eventhough it's a wig, it look great on her.
The ad prints includes a mysterious ad campaign video which you can watch below.

The campaign video begins with Nicole casually coming out of a cabriolet with Jimmy Choo's Talma, a pair of green military inspired ankle boots and with Ally, a black deerskin shoulder bag with handcuff chain.
It's followed by scenes of her walking through a house and getting ready.
She finishes up on a couch where you can see the detailing of the shoes.

Enjoy the video, you can shop the collection here.

Samiya Cusman

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  1. Kind of unexpected to see Nicole Kidman in a Jimmy Choo ad! I love those red booties too, i think you should totally break your no heels policy ;)



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