July 13, 2013

Kenzo Autumn/Winter 2013/2014

 The funky ads feature actress Rinko Kikuchi and model Sean O'Pry.
From all the autumn/winter '13/'14 campaign images that are being released now, Kenzo's is the one that has caught my attention. 
Kenzo teamed up with a image-only online magazine, founded by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, Toiletpaper for this campaign. 

Eyes, insects, nails and kittens.. That's what the ad campaign images are consisting of. 
It's colourful and surrealistic and I really like it!
Read more here about ToiletPaper and to see some behind-the-scene footages.

See the images below (and click on them for to see them larger).

Samiya Cusman


  1. Omg i LOVE these!!! So cheeky! So cute! Humberto and Carol Lim are soing such great things at the brand! xx

  2. LOVE this campaign, how have I not seen it yet!?

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