February 4, 2013

The British Vogue Comes with New Magazine for Younger Audience!

The British Vogue is launching their first ever magazine which is targeted for the younger audience.
MissVogue will be published alongside the Vogue UK June Issue 2013 which will be availlable May 6.
It will consist of 124 pages with budget tips and budget awareness and talks directly to the young readers who love to experiment with fashion, style and beauty but with the intelligence and authority of the mother magazine.
It will be a creative, inspirational and fresh magazine for the younger readers.
I personally think it's an amazing idea! I don't think most teenagers who love and read Vogue really can afford the high-fashion and couture items displayed in the magazine.
And younger readers would love to read tips which suit their age.
The issue will be produced by the Vogue team. And I hope they make it international like the Vogue magazines.
''All of us are really excited at the opportunity to create a slightly different Vogue for this readership. We know how much they love the magazine and so I wanted to produce something that would have bespoke content for a younger audience.'' Said the Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman.

So, who do you think will be on the very first Miss Vogue cover?

- Samiya Cusman

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