February 6, 2013

Marc Jacobs the New Creative Director Diet Coke

Designer Marc Jacobs will be following in to the footsteps of Jean Paul Gaultier as the Coca-Cola's new creative director for its Diet Coke line in 2013.
Marc Jacobs says he's "extremely privileged" to be asked to take on this job because he "admired the work of the other designers who have participated in this project in the past."

To kick things off, Jacobs stars in a photo booth parody of the iconic 'Diet Coke break' ad. "I don't have much shame or anything in terms of taking off my clothes," admitted the Designer. In the ad you see that is body is a f 49-year-old, whose body is adorned with a collection of colourful and quirky tattoos.
Diet Coke celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. And that's why this partnership is named 'Sparkling Together For 30 Years'. Next month Marc's creations will go out on sale in 11 European markets. The collection is inspired by iconic looks from the '80s, '90s and the '00s with a signature Marc Jacobs motif. It will be colorful and fun, just like his tattoos I think.
- Samiya Cusman
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