December 16, 2012

H&M Offers to Take Your Old Clothes!

Hennes & Maurits is starting a new amazing recycling initiative in February 2013.
The Swedish retailer wants all their customers to bring their used clothing to any H&M store anywhere.
It doesn't matter in what condition it is or from what brand. They'll take it all.
So when you bring them a bag full of old clothes the company will recycle them and reward you with a discount voucher.
You'd receive a voucher for each bag you bring.
The clothing exchange discount is part of H&M's new iCollect recycling program.
They want to reduce the massive amount of waste produced by the clothing industry.
H&M says that tonnes of textiles are thrown out every year and 95 percent could be reused.
This initiative is good for the environment as well for your wallet.

- Samiya Cusman

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