December 7, 2012

Alessandra Ambrosio for Made in Brazil

Victoria's Secret Angel and hot momma Alessandra Ambrosio is featured in the newest edition of Made in Brazil magazine.
After seeing Ale posing nude and partly nude you wouldn't believe that she gave birth just four months ago!
On the 7th of May, 2012 Ale, gave birth to baby Noah Phoenix Ambrosio Mazur.
The supermodel got back to her roots posing at the ocean-side of the beautiful Brazil.

The Victoria´s Secret Angel is showing no sign of her birth!

- Samiya Cusman

''This time I didn´t really gain a lot of weight,´´ Ale admitted.´´ I was actually trying to be healthy as i could.The first time I gained a lot of weight and it was hard to lose it.´´The model reveals breastfeeding and chasing after her tots is the reason for her speedy weight loss, though she also revealed that she makes it a point to mix up her exercise routine."I love to do Pilates and SoulCycle and go on walks and surf at the beach," she told Us.In October, Ambrosio modeled the $2.5 Million "Fantasy Bra" in a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show."It was perfect for me," Ambrósio said about the bra, "I felt they made it for me. It's very romantic." "I just wanted to scream," Ambrosio said revealing how she felt when she heard that she was chosen to don the bra"But I won't lie, I was really worried," the Victoria's Secret angel told People."I was in total mother mode."The news was followed by a strict workout regime to shed any extra pounds she had after her pregnancy."I was playing a lot of volleyball on the beach, swimming and running after my kids. And breastfeeding always helps," Ambrosio said. "I'm pretty calm," the brunette beauty said, a month ahead of the big day. "I've been waiting for this moment for a long time."

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