December 2, 2012

The Victoria's Secret Angels Lip-Synch Justin Bieber's ''Beauty & A Beat''

The gorgeous Angels of Victoria's Secret have put their iphone camera and technical skills together for their new lip-sync video.
Syncing on Justin Bieber's latest tune Beauty and A Beat featured with Nicki Minaj, you see the angels rocking out backstage and at the catwalk where he performed at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012.
I love how they pass the camera in the beginning it has this nice effect..
And they got the looks and the moves if they got the voice than it's an whole package of new artists!
The video is filmed with an Iphone Camera and is the promo video for the televised version of the VSFS hitting the TV´s December the 4th.
In 2011 the Angels used Maroon 5's Moves Like Jagger and for 2010 Katy Perry's Firework.
You can watch the video above and the video´s from 2011 and 2010 below.

- Samiya Cusman

Moves Like Jagger VSFS 2011
Fireworks VSFS 2010

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