October 16, 2012

Tommy Hilfiger Breast Cancer Awareness

October is the month of breast cancer awareness.
All kinds of products will be launched to raise money to defeat this horrible disease.
And this year Tommy Hilfiger launches it's sixth limited-edition handbag in support of Breasth Health International.

A navy blue leather tote with red handles and white accents is the limited edition bag with the cost if  299,-.With every sold bag Tommy Hilfiger will send out € 100.- to Fund for Living.
The images were shot by Drew Barrymore. She shot the French singer Charlotte Gainsbourg with the bag.

- Samiyac Cusman
Designer Tommy Hilfiger commented, "I am very proud to be the partner of Breast Health International. The annual limited collection is a great opportunity to call our customer’s attention to our initiative and to collect donations."

"I am honored to be working with Tommy Hilfiger and Charlotte Gainsbourg and making people more aware of the fantastic work of Breast Health International," says Drew.

"It means a lot to me to aim to support," says Charlotte. "With this bag Tommy Hilfiger allows people to help BHI. The money raised for the Fund for Livingston makes a big difference for women with breast cancer and their families, the cost to pay that much insurance would not cover. "

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