October 23, 2012


Hi readers!
I'm so delighted to announce that I've finally reached more than 15.000 views!!
And all that because of you readers!
I know that it's not such a big number of views like what other blogs have but still, it's quite an achievement.
Especially if I put much effort in my blog and posts.
And I love to see to have readers all around the world!
USA, The Netherlands, UK, Australia, Canada, Russia, France, Germany, Philipines, India, Poland, Malasia, United Arabic Emirates, Belgium, Mexico and many more countries!
And I also love that you guys also read my blog on the go, like on your tablets and smartphones, thanks guys!
And I hope to get 15.000 views more.. (:
So, that's all I had to tell you guys, Thanks!

x Samiya Cusman

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