September 30, 2012

People I admire : Doutzen Kroes

If you're one of my loyal readers, or just red my whole blog, you'd notice that I often post some personal stuff. 
Like a list of personal questions about me with my anwsers, and also an about of those answers (and questions) because allot has changed!
But now I came with a new topic: People I admire:
Every week (mostly saturdays) I will post a new post with a person I admire.
Maybe it's actor/model or a singer, who knows..
For starters I'm beginning with the one and only Doutzen Kroes who I admire.
There is always a person you admire, wether it's your own mom or a big celebrity, perhaps even your school teacher!

Doutzen Kroes
The gorgeous Doutzen Kroes is one of Holland's biggest proud, the biggest in modeling.
She is very down to earth and very caring.
The most people would know this blue-eyed blonde as a Victoria Secret Angel, also, this year (just a few more months) she'll be strolling down the runway with her Co-Angels.
I really admire her and her job and that's not only modeling.
Doutzen is one of ambassadors of Dance4Life, that's an innovative, international initiative designed to inspire, mobilise and unite young people to push back the spread of HIV/AIDS. Dance4life aims to have created one million active participating youth by 2014 as a last urgent call to the world leaders to keep their promises around the Millennium Development Goals. 
We have supermodels and we have famous angels, well Doutzen got her famed wings in 2008 when she became part of the elite group of supermodels when she officially became a Victoria's Secret Angel in 2008. Edward Raze, whom has been selecting the models for Victoria's Secret for past decade said , " I wish we had snapped her up a long time ago."
Doutzen Kroes became the beautiful and strong mother that she is now by being herself and reaching for the stars! That's a life lesson!
She is a classy beauty who became a model by herself and one day I hope I'll meet her! 

Did you know that Doutzen:

- Was the newest Victoria's Secret Angel (2008)

- Has been given a booked ticket on the very first Dutch commercial space flight, which is scheduled to lift off in 2014.
- Gave birth to her first child at age 25 to a son Phyllon Joy Gorré on January 21, 2011. The father is her husband the dutch DJ Sunnery James.

- Samiya Cusman (a BIG fan of Doutzen Kroes!!)

A Doutzen Kroes Complication

Doutzen Kroes for DANCE4LIFE in Philadelphia


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