August 20, 2012

OFWGKTA accesories 2012

As the Odd Future madness continues, so does the collective’s line of headwear, accessories and apparel.
The latest delivery arrives in the form of a quintet of accessory options with the group’s unique visuals and graphics. Offered in a range of colorways, each hat is now available for a limited time at the Hypebeast online store.The Odd Future Donut design has become something of a mainstay within its own regard — having been used across everything from album artwork to now apparel and accessories. An oversized plush “OF” pillow takes center stage as a solid option for your couch or bedroom. Alongside the bright-colored pillow is an assortment of other accessories are also offered that include an OF Donut Keychain, OFWGKTA Enamel Cross Pin, a Frank Ocean Air Freshener, OF Donut Blank Key, and a duo of skate decks. Ranging in retail price from $5 USD to $100 USD, the entire accessories range is now available.
The latest hats added in a range of colorways are now also available at their web/store.
Continue reading to see the products.

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