June 10, 2012

DIY Collar brooch with chain

This is my first diy!
The first diy is about how you can make a collar brooch with chain.
These things are hard find and when you find them, then they are probably sold out!
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If you can't make this you can order one on request by me! Mention me/ Contact me

- Samiyac Cusman

You´ll need:
A pair of earrings

Step 1
First up you need earings, I used spike studearrings.

Step 2
Cut the chain you can use the chain of your old necklace, I used 2 chains.
If you also are going to use 2 chains be sure that one of the two chains needs to be shorter.

 Step 3.
Then you put the stud in to the chain(s).
Make sure you put it in the last hole of the chain!

Step 3.
Now glue the chain on the stud.
Make sure you glue it good otherwise it will fall of!

Step 4.
Now sting the stud after it got dry into your collar!
And thats how you make a collar brooch with chain!

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