June 27, 2012

Ray-Ban Ambermatic Collection

The iconic eywear brand Ray-Ban introduces the Ambermatic Collection for their 75th anniversary.
Employing the yellow polarized, anti-glare lens developed in 1978
Paying homage to the original 1937 Ray-Ban Aviators, these light-sensitive photochromatic yellow lenses darken according to the light and temperature. 
Available in four styles, two Aviators, a Shooter, and a Outdoorsman, the Ambermatic collection will release this summer with only 18,000 sunglasses made worldwide. Additionally, this dedicated range will be accompanied by a special anniversary campaign highlighting real-life stories of individuals who dared to defy convention.
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June 10, 2012

DIY Collar brooch with chain

This is my first diy!
The first diy is about how you can make a collar brooch with chain.
These things are hard find and when you find them, then they are probably sold out!
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If you can't make this you can order one on request by me! Mention me/ Contact me

- Samiyac Cusman

June 7, 2012

Guide to accessories

I made up a guide for you guys with thé accessories for this spring and summer.
To help you with shopping the latest accessories.
I hope you guys will enjoy it!
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- Samiyac Cusman

June 6, 2012

Zara lookbook June

Zara launched it's collection for this season.
The collection is a blod take on the classic summer white ensembles.
The collection consist allot of statement-setting jackets and bold bejeweled details.
If you are loving this season’s bold and brash trends, the Zara June 2012 lookbook is worth taking a browse through.The June lookbook consists of a number of white chiffon blouses, tiered ruffle tanks and chunky collared necklaces. Although the silhouettes are simple and elegant, it is all about the striking details in this collection. The jackets range from crisp white linen to rocker-chic studded leather. The series also has splashes of crimson red and exotic animal prints to shake things up. There are a number of breezy summer-appropriate harlem pants and embellished collar-blouses for that casual, cool-girl vibe. Continue reading for the whole collection, men and women.