May 25, 2012

Collar accessories

Wearing a blouse is now kind of dull. But you can spice it up with lots of different accessories
In this post I'll tell you about the accessories that can spice up your dull collar.
For instant you have this so called collar clip chain, it actually doesn't have an official name.
- Samiyac Cusman
This is a so called, well actualy it doesn't have it's own official name here are a few names for it:
It's kind off hard to find it on the web but on they have these on the pic above.
And soon I''ll post a diy about this.
- Collar clip with chain
- Collar brooche with chain
- Collar tip with chain
- Collar clip on
- Collar clip on with chain

White Triple Heart Bowtie. €19,00

This is a bow tie. Yes bow ties for women is trendy now.
It makes your outfit a bit classy, elegant or quirky.
But it's hard to wear a bow tie the right way though.

Another quirky idea is to stud your collar.
You can stud it with spikes, pyramids, whatever you like!
You can also cut out the collar of an old blouse spike that collar so you can use it more often.

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