April 8, 2012

Colored pants

I am loving the colored pants trend! Alltough I don't own one yet, but I'm pretty sure soon I'll be proudly owning a pair of colored pants! Some people think that this trend is only for women, but it isn't.
Men can pull it of too. Personally I like the colored skinny more than the colored chino.
I love the cobalt blue the most!
It's obviously that's it's becoming a huge trend and it's make your outfit fun to wear!

The best way to wear colored pants is with a simple white or black shirt.
Or ofcourse colorblocking! Colors that clash is not possible this season.
 So get crazy! Here are some looks:

Note: If wearing a colored pants, do not wear the same color top! Especially when it's pink on pink! You will look like a Popsicle.

Very relaxed look

A perfect example of colorblocking:

Lovely red pants:

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