March 17, 2012

How to wear: Oversized sweaters

In this how to post I'm going to tell you guys how to wear a slobby yet trendy sweater on a stylish way.
If you want these clothing-items you need to know two important things:
- Balans between loose and tight, it makes it a bit feminine
- If you make it a little tomboyish with a bit of a feminine touch it will look great too!

- Samiyac Cusman

1. Tucked in
Tuck your sweater in the front or around your pants, this way you can show some curves.
Especially with shorts it's nice to do this.
That way you can show your nice shorts!
2. Pull over
Pull your sweater over a blouse to create a tomboyish look.
The nicest look is when the blouse is longer than the sweater.
Colours, prints you can experiment all you want!

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