February 11, 2012

Violent Lips, rock your lips!

llymlrs violent lips pink leopard gold glitter

Violent lips, the brand of the tattoo transfers for your lips. It's a weird concept though.
But it's kinda handy! If your tired of updating your lipstick the whole time, you could just use these lovely lipstickers!

They come in so many patterns and designs which would make them really fun for photo shoots or clubbing or if you wanted to make a massive statement. But I'm not sure how they would fare in a real life situation, they are pretty loud and eye-catching, great if you love the attention! But I think if I went out, even to a club, in them I'd feel quite self conscious! They are suprisngly easy to apply, all you do is cut and shape them to your lips using the guidelines on the back and then wet them with a wet cloth. Voila, instant patterned lips. A few tattoos come in each packet so its fixable if it goes wrong, but I thought it was very simple.  
llymlrs violent lips pink leopard gold glitter

Check out ViolentLips.com to see more of their collection and try some of these hip lips on!


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