December 8, 2011

Music| Birdy

Yasmine van den Bogaerde is just an 14 year old girl from the Great Brittian and known for suprising people with her great voice! Her voice is just breathtaking! I get to know her music by her amazing cover of Ed Sheeran's A Team. And she also coverd Bon Iver's Skinny Love. Yes, I am talking about Birdy!

At the age of 12 Birdy won the competition Open Mic UK.
After the competition she was offered a publishing contract with Good Soldier Songs Ltd, run by Christian Tattersfield, chairman of Warner Bros. Her version of Bon Iver's "Skinny Love" was released in January 2011, peaking inside the top twenty of the UK Singles Chart and in some European territories. Her self-titled debut album "Birdy" was released on 7 November 2011.
Enjoy some of her songs

 Birdy - People help the people 

Birdy - Shelter


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