December 21, 2011

Accesoires| Pura Vida Bracelets

Pura Vida bracelets (pure life in spanish)  are simple handmade bracelets made in Costa Rica. This is how it started, two guys went on an vacantion in Costa Rica where they met Jorge, Jorge was selling handmade bracelets at the beach. The guys bought five of them. They really liked them, so they asked Jorge if he could make 400 of them! The two guys spread the new movement: Pura Vida bracelets! Jorge lived in a room with 3 beds for him en his family but now he can affort a house thanks to his new amigos.
These bracelets are now selling in 700+ surfshops in America!

Pura vida bracelets are about enjoying your live, loving your loved ones.
The hard work that went into each bracelet represents the dedication and respect for the beautiful land that we all live in.
Each bracelet is originally handmade in Costa Rica with a unique combination of colours.
Picking your Pura Vida bracelet isn't a easy job, everytime you scroll down the webshop you'll see new bracelets with new colours. 

After they traveled around the world and seeing tons of beaches where filled with trash they wanted to make a mission to help. Therefore, with every Pura Vida Bracelet sold, they donate 1% back to The Surfrider Foundation through 1% for the Planet. The Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to protecting as well as preserving beaches and oceans worldwide. They have over 50,000 members and completed over 140,000 hours of volunteered work
''We are seeking to improve those numbers and truly change how people treat the oceans and beaches that surround us.There is no reason why our beautiful beaches and oceans should be left destroyed.''
I really like these bracelets, so simple made and if you buy some you not only donate 1% back at the planet but they also have special charity bracelets, wich it's money goes to the charity.
Soon I'm going to buy some of these bracelets for my friends, to kinda spread this ''movement''.
And this is a great christmas present for your friends and family.
Check them out at ;

Hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget to express your lifestyle

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