May 5, 2011

Fashion| The Chino pants

The Chino is back in the sprin/summer of 2011. This time is the pants not fussy but super hot and totally in! The Chino pants are less extreme than the harem pants with low croch and is has a little more space around the hips.
This pants will join in the sloughy (baggy pants) trend. The absolute golden rule for these trousers is : keep the top narrow to maintain a good balance, We've seen the pants coiled, and cover with casual or business of cut. When the high summer soon will arive, I gues we'll even see a Chino bermuda short. What you'll also see is Men with Chinos. Its quit a trend!
An important question that comes for women/girls with these pants trend is: What kind of shoes I wear there? The answer: Make it a party. Pull female shoes to be proud of, for example with additional straps, or a special sole plootjes. Choose eenschoen preferably with heels, which need not be high tower

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